About Us

Our rooted company, setting out in 2016 with the name of ProjeGlobal, has caught success by selecting ‘development’ as our route. In all areas that we’re active,  we aim to the new targets with our principles ‘international standarts and continuous developing.’

Besides  the success that we got in Mersin ,we also got the same success nationwide by offering universal quality product and assistance. Besides to our current international contacts, we have been going on adding new victories to for our country and customers.  Setting out from this point,ProjeGlobal Team has significantly widened their work area.

The team has now become active in many areas like seaway, land railway transportation, foreign trade and other areas that requires  logistical operations.


Our Mission 

In our field that involves logistical solutions, our priority is to provide stable and the best solutions to our customers. For us, success is to support the product and assistantce and stand by the customer.

Our Vision

To be the leading company in our field with innovator, reasonable,stable and responsible attitude not only in our region but also in the world.

Our Values

Customer orientation

Reliability , to be a sloution partner keeping the promises and respecting ethics.

Participating in the hard works by pushing the knowledge and ability limits.

Meeting the expectations of our co-workers, resolving the problems together, sharing successes and team spirit.

Acquiring information leading to learning and development.

Respecting the expectations of the society  and being sensitive to protect the enviroment.

Working coordinately with our partners and contributing mutual development.

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