International Logistics and Transportation

International Logistics and Transportation


International Logistics and Transportation

As Global Logistics and Foreign Trade Limited Company, we differ from other logistics companies in the sector with our logistic solutions that we bring to international logistics and transportation activities.

Nowadays, our country, which is developing in terms of economics, has increased its interaction with the countries abroad such as import, export and foreign trade. The development of trade relations with the foreign countries in the common market and the increasing global trade have led to an increase in the demands in the international logistics and transportation network. As the project Global Logistics, we have focused on this issue with our results-oriented approach in the logistics sector in which we aim to meet the increasing customer demands while meeting the demand.

While we continue our activities in the international logistics and transportation sector, the most important issue of Project Global Logistics is customer satisfaction. We care about the feedback of our valued customers. We continue our studies in this direction so that we can make positive the negative situations faced by our customers in the logistics processes in the shortest time and with the minimum cost.

As the Proje Global Logistics, we also care for the freight transported to the forwarder companies dealing with foreign trade in the international geography to reach the targeted region within the targeted process.

Our company Proje Global, headquartered in Mersin, has a wide range of services including air transport, maritime transport, maritime transport, air cargo transportation, road transport, combined transportation, partial transport, project transportation and air cargo shipping to international logistics and transport activities. network.

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