Turkey-Iraq Transport

Turkey-Iraq Transport


Turkey-Iraq, Iraq-Turkey transport service that our company is one of the leading company in the transportation sector. Iraq is a Middle East country that borders our country. We often import and export with Iraq to keep our commercial and economic activities alive with Middle Eastern countries.
Iraq promises great potential for Turkish construction companies due to its geographical location and logistic advantages. In this context, the number of firms operating in the region is increasing especially in construction area. Due to the increasing number of our construction firms operating in Iraq Iraq-Turkey geography, transportation activities between Turkey and Iraq has also increased.

Basra port, located on the South Iraq side, is one of the most preferred ports in maritime transportation. Global Logistics Projects over the sea as the Iraq-Turkey, we have been mutually container transportation between Turkey and Iraq. At the same time, due to the geographic conditions of Iraq, we also perform logistics activities on highway and rail.

all the provinces of Iraq from Turkey, we deliver your load with our fastest cargo understanding. We continue our mutual company based in Mersin international transportation and global logistics project logistics activities between Turkey and Iraq in the Iraq-Turkey. We are here to meet the demands of our esteemed customers with our quality service understanding and experienced team to insure your cargo comfortably, reliably and safely.

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