Morocco Turkey Container Transport

Morocco Turkey Container Transport


Morocco Turkey Container Project with all kinds of container cargo shipping service between Transport-related Morocco-Turkey and Morocco is always a global logistics company with the fastest time in transit. As the Proje Global Logistics and Foreign Trade Company, our head office is located in Mersin. From Morocco to Turkey from Turkey to Morocco we have been making international container transport. Since 2016, our company has determined the change as a route and has achieved success in container transportation.

Morocco-Turkey and Turkey-Morocco container transport services provided in all ports of Morocco Port Tangier-Casablanca is done via the sea to the port.

TheProje Global Logistics provides international forwarding services from door to door through long-term agreements with container line operators as well as the purchasing power and strong agency network provided by its rich customer portfolio.

Proje Global Logistics provides all the logistics and transportation services required for container transportation. Fas-Turkey and demand for container transportation between Turkey-Fas increases continuously. The demand and high turnover in this sector are explained by the impressive possibilities of sea and river transport and the relatively simple transportation process.

Container transportation for long distances provides an opportunity to optimize transportation costs and save money. Container transport provides additional safety guarantees and simplifies the handling of small parts products.

Proje Global Logistics as between Morocco and Turkey-Turkey-Morocco fastest with all kinds of container cargo shipping service, we make safe transportation. You can contact our customer representative for the best price.

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