International Container Transportation

International Container Transportation


International Container Transportation

Sea container and container transportation are the most important issues when carrying out container transportation abroad. Containers are categorized according to tonnage and gabari measurements of the cargo, fuel, water, storeroom, total weight of the ship, weight of the vessel, and the loads loaded up to the maximum permissible water of the ship.

When transporting containers abroad, transportation is carried out by sea, airway and road. Project As the global logistics, we are carrying out international container transportation activities to overseas countries via the city of Mersin, which is called as the center of international trade and also our head office.

One of the most important issues in the transportation sector is container transportation. Project Global Logistics, container line operators with we made long-term agreements with all the countries with a coastline of Turkey (Middle East-Far East-Africa-Asia-American continent harbors, Scandinavian countries, the UK, Ireland, Australia and Russia) have been making container transport.

As Global Logistics and Foreign Trade Limited Company, we provide a competitive advantage in the sector among the companies carrying out international container transportation.

Containers from Turkey, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Libya, Qatar, Israel, halfway around the world to countries such as Morocco and even up to the Ivory Coast, which is carried by us.

Your containers are transported by a professional team with high quality, reliable, fast door-to-door delivery methods by Project Global Logistics, whether on the road, sea or airway. We also offer extra services such as customs clearance, storage and insurance of your containers in container transportation to our valued customers.

While the project continues to serve as a global logistics container within the scope of international container transportation, we are growing by paying attention to global success. Contact us to get detailed information about all the services we provide for container transportation abroad, and you will achieve success on a global scale!

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